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Supercars flock to Toba!
From tomorrow 9:00 to 14:00, 130 supercars flock to the Toba observatory from the whole country . 
It is great! 
I welcomed and shook the hand at the entrance Toba station front of the town, when they went into Toba! 
The town of night. 
The supercar which runs the shining road surface after the rain was smart! 
Thanks for many countries
Japan was hit by the severe earthquake and the giant tsunami four days ago. 
Our area was released though was announced the tsunami warning officially. There were neither damage on the land side nor a personal suffering. Because everyone supports the fisherman, it is safe though damage with a catastrophic aquaculture was received by a small tsunami. 
Everyone is safe. 
However, a lot of deceased persons were generated in East Japan and North Japan. 
I think everyone to be painful because I am snowing in the stricken area today. 
It falls into the electricity shortage by stopping the nuclear plant since last evening in Tokyo and East Japan. We in West Japan are saving electricity. 

Support has reached Japan from a lot of countries. 
Thank you for worrying really. 
We wish sincerely to express our gratitude. 
Hachiman-shrine ritual
Yesterday was Hachiman-shrine ritual in Toshi-island (like a divine service). 
You can see a traditional Shishimai(perform the lion dance 
) in various parts of Japan. 
The feature of the Shishimai in this island dances, swallows the yellowtail in the raw, and swallows the bottle of sake. In addition, the bow and the Indian ink of the amulet are and there is a shrine ritual with which the tension overflows. It by all means will be a recommendation to the customer from foreign countries next year. 
Do you know famous Tobarger(Toba-burger) recently?There are various kinds of Tobarger. Please eat Tobarger when it comes to Toba. 
By the way, it is an introduction of "To-ba&Topatei" of the character today. The burger and the dugong are motifs.
feel the fisherman in Japan
The sea of spring is voluminous. The time of harvesting of a fresh wakame seaweed in Toba today. Plan to experience moving wakame seaweed that can be tasted only here. If May comes, you want you to be impressed the life wakame seaweed that withers completely. Fishermen take us to the seaweed cultivation area in the sea by ship. We reap the wakame seaweed that fishermen are made every effort, included, and raised. I must feel the fisherman in Japan and the fishery brought up. 
Please reserve the hoping customer beforehand. It is a wakame seaweed harvest tour, lunch, and 6300.
Greetings for the new year.
Happy new year! 
It became a very beautiful beautiful weather though the weather such as the snows was worried this year. 

The morning sunshine has lightened. 
It is yearly, I have worshiped the sun that receives it in front of Kaigetsu since the morning at the New Year. 
It goes through under the shop curtain of the secluded hotel, and the sunlight at the new year has expanded to my feet. 
It has already become warm, and go out to visit by all means, please. 

I am praying for the good luck of everybody from Toba. 
My best regards this year. 
Last day and Toba weather
It is 12/31. This year is an end today. In news, in Japan, it is a heavy snow. 
As for this Mie Prefecture, the weather mark of the snow is displayed unusually. It is not falling at all, and relieve actually, please though Toba is a snowfall 30-centimeter area. However, it is very cold. In such it cold in Toba, we are the surprises. My best regards next year.
Double futon
We came to be good at the business mind of a double futon. It is externals limitation. two pairs a day 
Please use it to travel about Toba where the autumn wind has become comfortable a little.
Couple at honeymoon from Italy
Customers from three foreign countries are staying in Kaigetsu today. The couple who came at the honeymoon comes by customers from Italy of a couple and the third night stay in that. 
It is enjoying it while adventuring in such the country and seeming Japan and Toba it every day seem. 
This couple gave us the present. The small cake distributed to the congratulation on the marriage in Italy. It was a very lovely cake. For me, the cake with which the heart of two people was filled was a day very glad.
Cats of a museum of Ranpo pavi
Period: from 10/31 (Saturday) to 11/9 (Monday) 

Time: Execution for five minutes from 20:30 

200 people free are invited from 11/1 to 11/3 to the fireworks seeing ship. Application and details are the marine leisure of Shima telephones: To 0599-25-3147. 

It is not possible to receive it in Kaigetsu.