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Recently, non-standard commodities various on the net are sold. This is a non-standard commodity that cannot be bought on the net. Because it is an edge of "Hegi-mochi" that the old woman in the vicinity made. When we eat the edge of a handmade rice cake, we are heart-warming.
Happy new year.
It is supported by everybody, and Kaigetsu is 123 years in establishment this year. 
"Eco-tour Kaito-Yumin club" established to offer good travel for the customer who visits Ise Shima is ten years this year. 
There is an idea of "Sempre youth" (Japanese say "Tokowaka") in Ise Jingu Shrine. This is said, "Advancement without development". It advances not to change, to keep existing here, and to keep functioning. We do not change the hospitality, and either the staff everyone tries the customer in travel of keeping receiving for safety and the relaxation. 

My best regards this year. 

Okami Kiku Ezaki
Autumn tint of Ise Jingu Shrin
I have gone to Jingu (Ise Jingu Shrine) this evening. The Uji bridge was rebuilt for a move of a shrine once at the beginning of this month in 20. I visited in the evening that had already dimmed. Something different time of the god starts, and such time is also good. The autumn tint of trees reflected in the Isuzu river, and it was beautiful. 
Yellowtail in Toyama Prefectur
I had gone to Himi last week. The yellowtail in Toyama Prefecture Himi is famous. Hereafter, it becomes cold and the body receives tighten in season.