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Restaurant in Kaigetsu| Dinner & Lunch menu

|Restaurant| Dinner & Lunch menu In Kaigetsu inn, we will be preparing the meal place. It is necessary to reserve everything basically. However, please consult comfortably even on that day. We respond to your consultation as much as possible. Please choose reserving from the following menu list. Dinner of Kaigetsu inn is a course dish of traditional Japan that made the seafood of Ise Shima and the beef of Matsuzaka the main. Additionally, I introduce some dining rooms around Kaigetsu inn. Please see the continuation of the menu list.

In the case of use of only lunch or dinner
Please choose the dish of hope. Use of a bath is no charge. "Please reserve."
Monthly menu list
Apr`May@ Jun`Aug@



Reservation and an inquiry

TEL: +81-599-26-2056(International phone)
0599-26-2056(Domestic phone)

FAX:  +81-599-25-5539 (International FAX)
0599-25-5539 (Domestic FAX)

To Kaigetsu

If possible, please ask by mail.
Thank you.