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About fixtures
Please Use freely.
[Guest room]
Towel , Bath towel , Cosmetics for men , A comb , Yukata (kind of a casual kimono) ,
Tanzen ( an undergarment) , Tabi (Japanese style socks).
[Public bathroom]
Razor , Soap , Body shampoo , Rinse in shampoo , Hair drier.

Our request
・Check in time : 3:00 pm - ※ It is possible to keep baggage in advance.
・Check out time: - 10:00 am ※ It is possible to keep baggage after check out.
・Entrance closing time : 11:00 pm
・Public bath room useful time : 3:00pm − 11:00pm (Night)
                   6:00am − 8:30am (Morning)
※ Our Public bath room is a hot spring.

[To the visitor who stays without dinner]
・Please check in by 10:00 pm.
・Please contact me, when check-in becomes later than 10:00 pm.
・Reservation is canceled when there is no connection, The cancellation fee in that case is all of the room rate (100 %).

[To the visitor who does stay with dinner]
・Please check in by 7:00 pm.
・Suppertime is to 4:30 pm - 8:00 pm. The last supper start time is 7:30 pm.
・Reservation is canceled, when there is no connection, even if it passes over 8:00 pm.
The cancellation fee in that case is all of the room rate (100 %).
・More than a junior high school student becomes adult treatment.

Other guidance
・ Since the tour guide pamphlet and coupon of tourist facilities are placed, have freely.
・ It is the space parking a car, and also parking space for motorbikes.
・ Exchange foreign currency <money>service and cash service are around the hotel.
May We See Your Passport?
・ Japanese law requires that we ask every foreign guest to present their passport, a photocopy of which we will keep on file during their stay with us. We regret any inconvenience this may cause, and ask for your understanding and cooperation.

About use of a credit card
・ A traveler's check cannot be used.
・ A credit card can use VISA, MASTER, JCB, and AMEX.
・ Only the payment of 30,000 yen or more can use a credit card. ($≒¥100)
Card rogo

About use of a Debit card
※ Debit card = Japanese bank card
・ Only the payment of 10,000 yen or more can use a debit card. ($≒¥130)
・ When using a debit card , not charge a commission.

Fishing experience guidance
Kaitou-Yumin Club - (eco tour of walking and enjoying culture in islands of Toba)
In order to have you come into contact with nature to you simply, Kaigetsu was original and planned. It is recommendation also in a female person. At husband and wife, it is with a family in friends... Please separate from the sightseeing course that often exists and spend time the bottom calmly.

Fishing tackle is lent out for nothing.