Restaurant around Kaigetsu
From Kaigetsu inn to 1 minutes on foot. The sign is objet of a big Ise lobster that knit it with a red rope. A lot of local populations also go out for dinner here. As for you, the body and the person will feel a gentle anxiety very glad. There is often a thing that "Taste of mother in the town on the side of the sea" behaves besides the ordered menu, too. People in the dining room are very kind. Their friendly characters of the clerk are popular also among an overseas customer instead of being not able to speak English. There is an English menu.
Open:11:00〜19:00(last order)
Regular holiday:Thursday
Favorite of okami: Prawn fly set, Fire grilling shellfish

From Kaigetsu inn to 3 minutes on foot. A red lantern is a sign. An energetic owner meets you by the bandana headband appearance. To tell the truth, he is friend's father in my okami/kiku elementary school age. The fish and shellfish of in season in local becomes complete in the water tank. There are a spit deep-frying and a yakitori, too. It is possible to eat readily for various fish. Some costs are from \4,000 to \7,000 according to the drink.
Open: 17:00~23:00
Regular holiday:Wednesday(Take a rest on the third Tuesday. )
Favorite of okami:Fishes' slices of raw fish, sea urchin, and yakitoris

From Kaigetsu inn to 2 minutes on foot. It is a famous sushi parlor in local. It is easy for you to eat shape and the size. The man grips the sushi in a typical sushi parlor.
Open: 11:00〜14:00、16:00〜20:30
Regular holiday:Thursday(A store is opened on holiday the regular holiday. )
Favorite of okami:Nigiri sushi set

From Kaigetsu inn to 1 minutes on foot. Japanese restaurant. A professional cook cooks. The price class is from \2000 to \5000. There is an English menu with the photograph. Various credit cards can be used. (VISA・JCB・UC Millioncard)
Regular holiday:Wednesday
Favorite of okami:Aramemaki (a la carte menu. tangle roll of sadine) Various seafood bowls of every seaso

From Kaigetsu inn to 1 minutes on foot. Japanese restaurant. A professional cook cooks. The price class is from \2000 to \5000. There is an Japanese menu with the photograph. There are abundant seafoods. Seafood dish of Toba. There are a traditional Ise noodle and Tekone-sushi, too. In the taste only of this place, there are a manager recommendation menu and dish of the leaving dinner of the day, too. There are about 180 kinds of menus of in season that tells the season.
Open: 11:30〜14:00 17:00〜22:45
Regular holiday:Monday(Tuesday in the next day in case of holiday)
Favorite of okami:Tenmusu(rice ball that chicken lobster's tempura entered)
From Kaigetsu inn to 1 minutes on foot. Japanese restaurant. It is pasta and a cafe in daytime. Besides, it is possible to enjoy it as a bar at night. The croissant is fragrant and is recommended of enough butter.
Regular holiday:Tuesday(opening a store in case of holiday)
Favorite of okami:Croissant, bacon salad, and cafe tiramisu

  (seafood souvenir shop around the station)
You can enjoy it it is as many shops have gathered. The customer of sightseeing can buy the souvenir of the seafood thing. Moreover, the thing that burns the shellfish and the lobster that you chose then and there and eats can be done. You are good and when the belly becomes empty a little, these shops are just good. (The following information is different by the shop. )
Open: 8:00〜19:00
Regular holiday:Irregularity but Any shop opens every day.
Favorite of okami:”Tuboyaki” (Top shell's whole roasting)

(Light Japanese food and noodles)
From Kaigetsu inn to 3 minutes on foot. Various menus such as "Iso-meshi" and noodles that use the seafood that can be caught in Toba become complete here. Because "Osusume-zen" that especially "Ise noodle" and "Tekone-sushi" make a set can taste two country dishes, it is popular among the tourist.
Open:11:00〜15:00 17:00〜19:00
Regular holiday:Wednesday(It takes a rest on Thursday night. The restaurant opens when the regular holiday is a day of the national holiday. )
Favorite of okami:Osusume-zen

From Kaigetsu inn to 1 minutes on foot. The seafood dish such as a lobster, a prawn, large littleneck clams, and top shells can be tasted. The storekeeper "Taste of original Maruei" develops not only a standard menu but also a new menu one after another. A popular menu is 'Tokudai-tenpura set (outsize tempura table d'hote). ''Kaisen-don (seafood bowl)' in which ten kinds of slices of raw fish were on a roll on Tekone-sushi
Open: 11:00〜16:00 17:30〜20:30
Regular holiday:Irregularity
Favorite of okami:Kaisen-don

From Kaigetsu inn to 1 minutes on foot. It is a specialty store of the Teppari dish established in 1908. "Teppari" seems to be a dialect in the Toba area that smart beauty gorgeously means. The resident doesn't know because it is not used so much now. There are a lot of set menus of seafood and the deep-frying thing.
Regular holiday:Tuesday
Favorite of okami:Tonkatu(Ise Pork cutlet)

  Iwashi-tei (Japanese sardine dish)
From Kaigetsu inn to 1 minutes on foot. It is a sardine dish nearby specialty store at Toba Station soon that is. Because the sardine sent directly from Toshi-jima is moved to the fish preserve, and living is cooked like being good, a fresh sardine dish can be tasted at any time. Slices of raw fish, the vinegared dish, the boiled food, and the deep-frying thing, etc. adhere to 'Sardine Lunch'. Additionally, the sardine dish of about 25 kinds can be tasted.
Open:11:00〜15:00(National holiday on Saturday and Sunday is to17:00)
Regular holiday:Wednesday(When the regular holiday is a national holiday, compensatory holiday before or after. Irregularity)

From Kaigetsu inn to 10 minutes on foot. The spit deep-frying of the seafood of in season in addition to beef, pork, poultry, and the vegetable can be tasted. It called “Kushiage”. The spit deep-frying is from 110 yen each, and 'Ten piling' is 1200 yen. It is possible to deep-fry by mixing various kinds when making it to leaving the storekeeper though it is possible to order from of course one. Moreover, there is always 20 kinds of local sake of the general recommendation.
Open:17:30〜2:00(Last order)
Regular holiday:Sunday
Favorite of okami:Kushiage(The spit deep-frying of the seafood)

From Kaigetsu inn to 1 minutes on foot.
Seafood and combustion shellfish's dining rooms.