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It is guidance of an institution.

Guest room

All the rooms of kaigetsu are Japanese styles. Please experience traditional Japan's life.
The heart should surely settle down. Please spend the time slowly.
・A total of 12 rooms
・We prepare bedding called futon

[Fixtures] Please use freely
Towel , cosmetics for men , a comb, yukata (kind of a cusual kimono) , tanzen( an undergarment), tabi(Japanese style socks).

Safety and Security Information

Bath Room
It is the large bathroom used together. There are a man bath and a woman bath.
Please cure the body, which was tiring slowly.

[Fixtures] Please use freely
Razor , soap , body shampoo , rinse in shampoo , hair drier.

Public bath room Information


  1. Place all of your clothing in the basket or shelf in the changing room. (Nothing is to be worn inside the bathroom except your small towel)
  2. Cleanse your body with soap outside the bathtub.
  3. After thoroughly washing off the soap, step into the bathtub.
  4. Please do not unplug the drain in the tub when getting out.
  5. Do not use soap in the tub. Please remember that the tub water is not for one person only but is to be used repeatedly you will be able to relax your strained nerves and muscles.

Room of a dinner
This room has a hearth built into the floor. The dish eaten in an emotional atmosphere is exceptional.
Please experience the transmitted dish from foundation about 110 years.

Kaigetsu is a 4-story building.
There is no escalator and it has only stairs.