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About Toba city, Mie prefecture

About Mie prefecture
Mie abounds in sea and green of nature. The nature parks account for about 36% of this land.

AreaF5,774 sq. km.
ProductsFPearl, Lobster, Matsuzaka beef, Iga pottery
Sister CityFSao Paulo (Brazil), Henan (China)

About Toba city
Toba is located almost in the middle of the Pacific Ocean side of Japan in the Mie Prefecture. Toba is blessed with mild oceanic climates, a beautiful saw tooth coastline, and four islands (which approximately 20% of the population lives). The holiday is prosperous by many tourists. However, it is a quiet marine town usually. Since an also globally famous Japanese's novelist also loved the sea in Toba and lived once upon a time, it is also called the "literary town".

About Ise Shima National Park Area
Toba city, Ise city, Isobe-cho, Nanto-cho,
Ago-cho, Hamajima-cho, Daiou-cho,
Shima-cho, Futami-cho and Nansei-cho
were specified to be Ise-Shima National Park

Festivals and Events
Please experience traditional in addition festival, and event of Toba city.
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Products of Ise shima

yMatsusaka beef z

yIse udon z
Japanease noodle in soy flavored soup

yISE EBI-Ise shrimp-z

yMikimoto Pearlz
in 1946.@The total area is about 55,549 ha.
Rias coast are the features.
There is most habitation population in the national park in Japan.@Relation by people and nature is a very deep area.